Mahoney is an acoustic duo made up of Trent Roset and Ryan Massini. Based out of Medicine Hat, they have established themselves as one of Alberta's most sought-after entertainers. Established in 2000, they have performed well over a thousand shows across Western Canada. The duo produces a surprisingly large sound as Ryan and Trent will often play multiple instruments simultaneously. Mahoney has amassed a constantly expanding repertoire of over 400 cover songs, ranging from Snoop Dogg to Johnny Cash; from Toto to Tool. They establish a rapport with the audience through engagement, humour and crowd participation, including "Mahoney-oke" where members of the audience are encouraged to perform live karaoke with the group. In the summer of 2011, Mahoney released their newest recording. "Uncovered" is the third album from Mahoney, but it is their first all original recording. Written, recorded and produced by Mahoney, this album employs a unique radio show format whereby the 12 original tracks are interspersed with banter between T-Rose and Ry-guy, a feel reminiscent of their shows. The full 23 track CD can only be purchased at Mahoney events and online, through Shopify.

yan started his incredible music career at the tender age of two, when he took the mallet from his fisher price xylophone to the piano, chipping numerous keys. He was a huge fan of the beatles and the muppets, especially animal who he emulated on his toy drum. Httte started piano lessons at the age of seven and continued until age seventeen. During grade five and six he took part in the strings program playing violin and viola. Early years with his recorder resulted in him choosing to play the trombone in jazz band. During his first two years this did quite a number on his mouth because of his braces. It was so much easier (and more pleasing to the ear) once his braces were removed. At the age of fourteen drums became his passion. His first drum kit consisted of three ice cream pails, one garbage pail, aluminum pie plates and a broken planter rescued from the garden over which he stretched a heavy piece of plastic. His snare drum was a round plastic cake container filled with ball bearings and paper clips. He got a real drum kit for his fifteenth birthday and started lessons at sixteen. By the age of nineteen he was teaching percussion at the cultural center replacing his previous instructor. At fifteen he discovered his Dad's nylon string guitar and a "how-to-play-guitar" book. Every night the strumming went on until the wee hours of the morning (and these were school nights). Since his first recording session at the age of sixteen he has played with many bands and put out numerous albums.

Ryan's Mom

rent had an amazing set of lungs right from the day he was born. When he first started kindergarden there was no doubt that he was going to be an artist because he kept winning awards for his pictures. Later on one could really see his behavior as a perfectionest shine through when he would fold all his dirty clothes before throwing them down the laundry chute. Once he hit his teens and started guitar lessons, all the guessing was gone. He would be a musician. He got his first electric guitar on his 14th birthday and he could be seen with that thing hanging from around his neck whenever he was home. He would practice in front of the TV all day long, soloing over the commercials and sound tracks. Whether he was singing the lead role in a high school musical, taking a solo as a Roman soldier in the church Easter production, or leading his band in front of large congregations, he showed a special talent for entertaining. Performing in church from the time he could stand gave him opportunity to develop this gift. He was always so confident when on stage, even from a young age. Trent’s first band would practice in the basement every weekend, and we were treated to hours and hours of “jamming”. He never missed an opportunity to play his new songs for us, weather in the living room with an acoustic or on his latest album, and we still love to hear him perform.

Trent's Mom